We are Direct Exporting Salesmen in Each Country from where we provide our Wood


Group enterprises organized under each country for direct exports. -
Timber export directly from where the wood through local companies, issuing contracts and agreements are made ​​directly with our company in the country and Documentary Credits are sent directly to the enterprises in the country of origin of wood . -
The deal with any of our Authorised Agents deal directly with our Company in origin and does not imply Over Price or cost increases. -

You can import different woods anywhere in South and Central America and will be dealing with the agent of your trust. -

Our market knowledge will ensure for you a reliable business. -


We promote the Commercialization Responsible for Wood of Centro and Sud America.-
To this one year 2011 We are exporting Wood in Logs like Granadillo, Cocobolo; Ziricote; Ipe; Mahogany, Massaranduba Directly from Port Progress to China; India and Vietnam. - We are sending Radiata Pine in Logs from Port of San Antonio direct Chile to China and India. - We were with commercial operations from Montevideo Uruguay sending Pine Taeda and Pino Elliotis,Eucaliptus Grandis , Eucaliptus Rostrata in Logs and material for Pulp to China and India. - From Argentina we were Embarking Palo Santo in Logs and Blocks. - At the same time from the Port of Guayaquil and Emeraldas Port We are embarking for China and India Teak in R.sq.Lo GS, along with logs of Cumala; and noble Tropical wood in blocks. - From the Port of Barranquilla Colombia and Cartagena We exported Precious Wood like Ziricote; Granadillo; Ipe; along with Cumarú. - From the Port of Arica in Chile we exported wood processed in Bolivia like Ipe; Cumarú; Jatobá and Morado. - From the Port of Callao Peru Lima we are exporting wood like Cumala; Capinuri; and tropicals wood

|,桃花心木, Massaranduba的木頭直接地從港進展向中國; 印度和越南。 -我們從聖安東尼奧寄发在日誌的Radiata杉木直接智利港到中國和印度。 -我們是與從蒙得維的亞送杉木Taeda和Pino Elliotis, Eucaliptus Grandis,在日誌和材料的Eucaliptus Rostrata的烏拉圭的商業操作黏漿狀物質的向中國和印度。 -從阿根廷我們出發在日誌和塊的Palo Santo。 -同時從瓜亞基爾和我們為在R.sq.Lo GS的中國和印度柚木樹出發的Emeraldas口岸口岸,與Cumala一起日誌; 並且在塊的高尚的熱帶木頭。 -從巴蘭基利亞哥倫比亞和卡塔赫鈉港我們出口了像Ziricote的珍貴的木頭; Granadillo; Ipe; 與Cumarú一起。 -從Arica港在智利我們出口了在像Ipe的玻利維亞處理的木頭; Cumarú; Jatobá和Morado。 -從Callao秘魯利馬港我們出口像Cumala的木頭; Capinuri; 並且木的tropicals

From the Corinto Port in Nicargua we are exporting Genuine Cocobolo, Granadillo and other tropical ones in Blocks
從在Nicargua的Corinto口岸我們出口真正Cocobolo, Granadillo和其他熱帶部分在塊

At the moment we are the Major Selling of Woods from South America acting on behalf of Main in: - Ecuador; Paraguay; Colombia; Mexico; Guatemala; Panama; Nicaragua, realising weekly boardings from wood to the USA; Islands of the Caribbean; Continental China; Taiwan; United Arab Emirates; Korea; Vietnam; France; Holland; Belgium; Germany; Denmark, Spain; Morocco. .-

We are in Possession of several million cubic meters of tropical wood, like:- Ipe Genuine Tabebuia Serratifolia and Chrisantha;Jatobá Hymenaea Courbario; Genuine Mahogany (Caoba);Cumarú Dipterix Panamensis; Mascarey or Nanciton;Algarrobo;Palo Santo; Caesalpinia Paraguayensis; Teak Tectona Grandis; Andiroba Garapa Guianensis; Eucaliptus Rostrata-Eucaliptus Grandis-Eucaliptus Camandulensis;Santa María; Real Cedar; Granadillo Dalbergia Turculensis,Guayacan Minquartia Guianensis; Chanul Humirastrum Procerum; Balsamo Miroxylum Balsamun and others.-
Planks; Decks; Turned trunks; Blocks; Floorings,R.Sq.Logs etc.


En nuestra Organización trabajamos infatigablemente desde hace 25 años para aportar todo nuestro conocimiento y esfuerzo al mercado Maderero.-

Somos Creativos e Innovadores pues es nuestra actitud frente al Trabajo y la Vida.-
A la Investigación, buen hacer, y aplicación de los conocimientos lo Apoyamos con un Infatigable Trabajo diario de todo nuestro Equipo


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