Trade or Common Name: Nargusta, white oliver 
Local Name: Amarillon
Botanical Name: Terminalia amazonia
Family: Combretaceae

The Tree: Nargusta is a fast-growing, tall tree, reaching 100 to 120 feet in height in the natural forest, with older specimens sometimes reaching 140 feet, with a trunk of 3 to 4 feet in diameter. The tree may have a long clear symmetrical bole of 60 to 70 feet above a strong buttress.

Status: Nargusta has been extensively exploited because of its strength and beauty, and is now nearly nonexistent outside of parks and forest preserves.

The Wood: Nargusta is variable in color from a yellowish cream to golden brown, sometimes with prominent reddish-brown or pink stripes. It has a medium texture and medium to high natural luster. Nargusta is durable, dense and strong, having a specific gravity of .65, higher than most North American hardwoods.

Uses: Because of its beauty, nargusta is used for furniture and cabinet work, boat building, turnery, flooring, interior trim, sash and doors.


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